What can I tell you uuummm lets see, I am a bit of a nomad living a life that involves travelling with a patient, very hard working husband and two curious kiddies. The longest I have ever lived in one country was almost 14 years and I have now been out of that country for more than 14 years. Currently living in my 9th country I can honestly say I love the world, I love travelling, I love seeing new places and new faces, I love trying to understand what makes different cultures click and I never ever want to stop. I love to see the world through the innocent eyes of my two precious children, they have taught me more than I could ever have imagined. I am a very lucky and very grateful person.

I hope by looking around this blog/website that you feel inspired, that it makes you want to travel and that above all it makes you see the beauty and possibilities in the world. If I can help you with photography while travelling feel free to contact me. If you need any advice on where to head in Tokyo to get some cool photographs let me know. Basically if I can help please just shout, I am only an email away info@imagesbycassandra.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!
I wish you many happy travels and many exciting adventures!    x Cassie x

about me page

I love a good photo:  I love photographs, that much I am sure is pretty obvious. I believe in photography and in the importance of a good photograph. I have a soft spot for start up businesses, small businesses, new businesses, growing businesses, whatever you want to call them, the people that start them are simply inspiring! I love to see people follow a passion or an idea and make it work. I believe good photographs are extremely important in showing a product or a service in the best way. They help to get your business or product noticed and in getting your information or message across to your target audience in the best possible way. For this reason I am always thrilled to take photographs whether it be for a small business, a start up, a show, headshots, family photographs, you name it I will photograph it to the best of my ability, just send as a email and let’s make a plan.

In my (ever growing) Bag: My primary camera is the Nikon D800 which I love, its honestly a fantastic camera. It is well worn now and has been fixed once but it is still my third child. My favourite lenses, the ones I head for first are the 24-70mm, the 35mm, and the 14-24mm. I do have a 70-200mm but it doesn’t get used quite as much as the others. My trusty Vanguard tripod is always there too. I always travel with a laptop and a EHD too (I like to edit as I go). I use both Lightroom and Photoshop for editing, Photoshop and I have been friends since design school but I do love Lightroom.

Small side note: you won’t see many pictures of my kids here, I like to give them a bit of privacy in a online world, the same goes for family photographs of friends or clients, the photographs belong to them and they can do with them as they please.