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bears – Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan.

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I got very worried that we wouldn’t see any bears in Hokkaido, it was on the very last day of the holiday that luck struck us! There crossing the road in front of us was a bear and two large cubs! It was like being a kid again, the excitement in the car was vibrating! I only had my 35mm lens with me as my long lenses were packed away in the boot! I did the best I could until the bear was so close I had to close the window for safety and then I heard a loud shout from behind us and there was two rangers, rifles in hand and moving the bears on to keep them safe. I couldn’t believe how lucky we had been to see them. They are amazing animals, with such a softness to them even though they are so dangerous.

augusthokkaido-1265 wm

That afternoon we had a bear spotting boat trip planned. It was a wonderful trip, I wish I had done one the day we arrived in Shiretoko because I would have done it more than once, the scenery from the boat is beautiful, its wild and almost completely untouched. It is great to see the bears from the boat, they are in their natural environment, safe and happy.

Shiretoko Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan, I miss you already.


Hello my name is Cassandra and I am a Artifact Uprising addict.


Looking back now I wish my addiction had started earlier. All those pictures stuck on my hard drives or stored away safely online are gathering virtual dust, I never visit them. However my books, they live in the lounge, all of us can look at them whenever we please and they make me smile.

I told myself that I was making these books for the kids, memories for them to look back on when they get older, a way for them to remember the excitement they have had in their childhoods, the places they have seen and the things they have experienced. It started out well, I created a series called “tiny in Tokyo…” but then the addiction got worse and now I have to admit these books, well really, they are for me! And I love them!

augusttokyo-1583 wm

I started with the small books.

augusttokyo-1466 wm

I still love these ones!

augusttokyo-1476 wm

They hold the memories for the first year in Japan, the getting to know and getting to love Japan period. I am completely smitten now!

augusttokyo-1480 wm

Then I decided to try the bigger books, my plan was to keep these as “our travels”, so every time we travelled somewhere I would create a book.

augusttokyo-1521 wm

augusttokyo-1586-Edit wm

augusttokyo-1493 wm

augusttokyo-1563 wm

But oh my those big spreads! This only made my addiction stronger!

augusttokyo-1570 wm

Now I just want to create more and more and more.

augusttokyo-1513 wm

I don’t plan on stopping and I plan to enjoy every single one of them!

So if you haven’t tried creating books with Artifact Uprising, I suggest you do, unless of course you are scared of becoming as big an addict as myself:)