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Talk in Tokyo

Recently I started taking pictures for a live onstage show in Tokyo called Talk in Tokyo. At first I honestly didn’t know what to expect and I was very nervous but I have to say I am thoroughly enjoying every opportunity that I get to shoot with them! Not only is it a great show but it is a great group of people too!


If you are in Tokyo check out their website for updates on when and where the next show is, or follow them on Facebook.


my obsession with little statues

When I see statues I have to photograph them. I don’t seem to be able to resist them. I saw these little ones on the top of a hill recently.


Mazu Miao Temple

I will, to be honest, find any excuse to go to China Town in Yokohama. I know it’s not exactly just around the corner, but even a little craving for some chinese dumplings will drag me all the way over there and then I have an opportunity to go to Mazu Miao temple yet again. I have tried to figure out what it is that I love so much about that temple but I can’t I just like it all, from the lanterns on the way in to the over ornateness of the interior. It also helps that there is a very nice, friendly guy that works at the temple that speaks great English and can tell you the whole story.

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Mount Nokogiriyama

Mount Nokogiriyama is a hidden treasure which I am very surprised to hear that hardly anyone knows about. A few years ago a huge road that travels just less than 10 km under the sea and just under 5 km over it, made it much easier and faster to get across Tokyo bay. (you can also get there by ferry and cable car if you don’t drive) This means that in just 1.5 hours you can get from Tokyo to Mount Nokogiriyama. And to be honest even the tunnel and bridge to get across the bay is worth the trip! I hadn’t expected there to be as much to see as there was in the area and we could have spent a lot more time there than we did. You do have to love walking though and have no problem with stairs because there are a lot of stairs (so no prams). It’s well worth it though and I would return more than once myself.


Sapporo and Otaru during the snow festival

I am a woman of very few words but far too many pictures lol! So here are some photographs from the Sapporo snow festival, I would definitely go back again next year if possible!