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finding a moment to breath…


I have a question for anyone that comes past this post: I am looking for ingenious ways to be able to keep this blog up better while we travel. This time of the year for us is full of flights, places with no internet, mountains, cities, jet lag, far too many yummy restaurant meals, hellos, goodbyes, and everything else in-between. I hate not blogging, I just need to find a routine or a plan. So if you happen across this post and know of any good ideas, or links to good ideas please share in the comments.

Otherwise lovely people have a wonderful summer, may it be filled with many happy days, laughter, good food and love.

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Itchy feet…


As much as I love Tokyo it can also frustrate me. I find that if we don’t get out of the city on the weekends I get serious cabin fever. Being out on a weekend in Tokyo feels more like….., you know what there is no way to explain it, it’s a weird combination of crowdedness and politeness. You want to complain about the amount of people but they are so polite that it makes you feel guilty. I don’t know another city in the world that could handle the amount of people that are out on a weekend like Tokyo can.

But at this time of the year the days are longer and the sunsets light up the early evening sky in a way that makes me want to run out with the camera and sit and soak it all in! Except I have no idea where to go – so I get frustrated lol! I think I need a holiday, preferably in the sticks somewhere lol

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend wherever you are:)


Where is home?


There is a question I dread, its a normal everyday question and you would be surprised how often you get asked it. One day in the not to far future my kids are going hate this question too.

“so where are you from?”

Seems simple doesn’t it, but if you want to make a third culture kid sweat, this is one of the best ways to do it lol!

I came across a great video a while back, a friend of my posted a link to it on Facebook and it is a good watch. The world is becoming smaller and the amount of third culture kids is definitely increasing.





I recently took a break from my camera, I do this every now and again and I believe its a good thing. I often explore other creatives outlets for a while until I miss my camera so much that everyday I want to go out and shoot. Many people say that they love to use their camera everyday and I believe them, but I have been behind the camera for over 10 years now and I find that the easiest way to entice my muse is to deprive it of the very thing it wants. My normal creative outlet during these times is design and illustration, both mediums that I enjoy immensely, I studied graphic design after leaving school and have always loved it. Both of these mediums I feel also feed my photography and visa versa, I love having them all to play with and the ability to flip from one to the other keeps me from getting bored or feeling stale, I get bored far too easily it drives my hubbie nuts!

If you haven’t tried taking a break from your photography, so for a month or two and then coming back to it with fresh eyes I highly recommend you try it,  just once, to see if it works for you too, you never know if you don’t try! If it does please let me know cause I am curious!

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wild flowers


When I think of wildflowers it makes me feel like a kid, I have no idea why! Here in Tokyo though I can’t say that there are a lot of wild flowers, or places with anything that grows wild. However up the road from my apartment a little cafe opened up and outside they planted wildflowers, they just let them grow, they never cut them or contain them or make them look neat and tidy, they just look beautiful. I smile every time I see them.

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I have lovely strong light in the far end of my apartment every afternoon, I often forget it because I am always the other side in the lounge, but every now and again I remember and I can spend ages just playing with light and contrast. Its therapy what can I say lol! I think I may have to buy myself a little table to place in that room to make more use of this light.

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