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week 2 – ‘make art that sell’s’ workshop

Week two – Home Decor. This week in hindsight is very amusing! The brief we got was “paisleys”, and I have to admit my first thought was, arrrrrrgh yuk. There is something I like about paisleys but in general they would not be my favourite thing. The thing I do like is that they are so decorative and can be so intricate, so I started off with a very intricate design and it took me over a complete day of drawing to complete. When we got the brief to do plates I played around with many things, one of them being a design with Japanese Koi fish, I plan on coming back to this design later and using it for something else, it also flooded my head with other ideas that I hope I will get to play with, I have kept a book full of ideas.

I however then went off on a tangent and wanted to do paisley hair or dresses and played with that, finally my play let to paisley eyelashes and suddenly veghead was born. I have to admit it is a very strange design and it seems a millions miles away from where I started but it was good fun.

eat more greens ink and watercolour face painted wm

I tried the design in just ink, in gouache, and then in concentrated watercolours, which is the one I preferred. I then created two more for the series, one called fruity , and one called chocoholic.

fruity with painted face wm

chocoholic wm

After that I placed them onto plates and mugs and completed the presentation.


I realise that this is a rather wacky design but still I like it and that is good enough for me:)Hope you enjoyed it:)



week 1 – ‘make art that sells’ workshop

So week 1 of the ‘Make art that sells’ workshop that I am currently doing has just finished. I came very close to not signing up for this workshop, I had the usual doubts like “I’m not ready”, “I don’t think I can do it”, “I’ll be crap”, but a good friend gave me some advice that changed the way I think. She said to me ‘the only person you need to compare yourself to is you,’ ‘we all have our own journeys and are in places on that journey, own your journey.’ I am very grateful that I got that advice and this week was a lot more fun than I had expected it to be!

The brief was for bolt fabric, I have never ever done anything like this before and at the beginning of the week I understandably panicked a little bit! However I have learn’t this week that I really love bolt fabric and my head is now swimming with ideas I want to try and create! My poor little notebook is getting bombarded lol! If every week is like is for the duration of the course I will have enough ideas and things I wish to create to keep me going until the second session starts in October!

Anyhooooo I just uploaded my final piece for the week. I called it “Make it hot honey” and it is about peppers and pyrex.


I learn’t a lot about a market I previously knew nothing about this week. Those two little prints underneath are coordinates. They were also great fun to make.

cordinate 2 green wm
cordinate 3 wm

cordinate 2 wm

I ended up with a lot of sketches of peppers and pyrex dishes by the end of the week and instead of throwing away the ones that I didn’t use I have realised that I should keep them, not only may they be useful somewhere else down the road, but they also are helpful to study the medium used vs the effect. As well as that they will be good to look at 2 years down the line to see if I have progressed at all!

Here is the pepper sketch that got me started on the design above, followed the pattern within it and an unused sketch from the beginning of the week that I had too much fun making to not keep it:)

for the blog


Overall I had a really fun week and I am thrilled to be on the workshop. Thanks to all those involved.

Fingers crossed for next week!