All things have to change sometime…..

It feels so strange to be writing this post but the time has come and I cannot procrastinate any longer. I have two creative passions: photography and surface pattern design. Awhile ago I started another website for my design work. I have thought long and hard about how to use both of my websites well and at the end of the day it just doesn’t make sense. Why separate the two things I love the most when they so obviously feed one another. So I am going to move to just one site and focus all my attention in one place.

Photography feeds my designs. My travels fuel all of my creativity.

I started this blog many years ago and it has been a little visual diary for me and I have loved it. I will continue to document my photography and if you would like to keep following along please head over to

It’s been a great journey and I am looking forward to moving forward. Change is a good thing and I want to grow and improve. I hope that you will join me and follow along. Thank you for everything!

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