All that sparkles is ……. Swarovski

One of the only benefits of this weird pandemic year is being able to travel and see places that would normally be packed full of bus loads of people. I would prefer to have to deal with the bus loads of people over a pandemic but I am trying my best to see the positive in a pretty crap situation.

So while doing a staycation this year we got to see the Swarovski Crystal World. I really was looking for to it and it was a gem (pun intended 🙂 ) It was much quieter than it probably would have normally been but that was good as it doesn’t really have space to social distance inside the structure, but the gardens are also lovely to walk around in and sit and relax.

Ever since I came across the artworks of Yayoi Kusama from Japan I am been mesmerised and fascinated by this amazing woman. She is a story.

My favourite part of the Crystal world was the Chandelier of Grief created by Yayoi Kusama. I know the name appears to be sad but the room is beautiful. She wrote a poem to go with it:

“I don’t know why but pains always emerge from abyss.

And, the intense light revolving dazzlingly,

sinks to the bottom of my heart.

This body has been metamorphosed into a chandelier.

Snuggling up to the brilliant scars.

I will keep living, till the ends of the sky.

Yes, gently enfolding my wounded heart.

Forever, forever.

As long as my life lasts, I want to live.

As long as my life lasts, I want to live. ”


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