The Rut

If you are a fellow photographer you know what it’s like – the rut! That would be all I would need to say. We all have so many ways to deal with these ruts, and yes it is possible to get them over and over. But don’t panic they never last. I find for me I need to walk away, they are often caused by the stress of everyday life taking over. Sometimes things get so busy and the chores of everyday living take over and something has to give. Other times it is just time to walk away for a bit and nothing else, follow your creative needs wherever they need you to go. For me that generally means design and illustration.

Recently I have been in a very very very VERY long rut. Probably my longest to date. It had a lot to do with the move and I have been very overwhelmed and stressed. I have just spend the whole of the Christmas holidays run down and ill. I am on the mend now and I am looking forward to breaking out of my photography rut in 2020. My design and illustration side has keep me very happy and I am very grateful for it.

We travelled the other day, only up the road. Instead of forcing myself to try and take photographs I decided I would just play. I have a small old little Fuji camera, I call it my street camera cause it’s light and simple. This camera has a miniature setting on it, this setting creates a blur effect with a high colour saturation and shoots only in jpeg. In other words it’s just fun and it’s never going to create any master pieces. It was just what I needed.

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