When the colour starts to fade…

Moving country isn’t easy. Well that may be an understatement but hey.

If you are moving from your home country to a new country it can be both daunting and exciting, full of emotion and lots of uncertainty but with a strong dose of adventure.

But what if you are moving back home? How does that feel? Well to be honest I wouldn’t have a clue. That is not something I have done or am ever going to be able to do. I no longer have strong roots.

What I have now is a move from one country that I learnt to love to another country I have yet to love. This will be my 10th country. How does that feel? Well to be honest a little strange. I feel like I should be able to do this, like at this stage I should have a routine to moving. But it doesn’t work like that, every move is different, every country is different and every time you move away it’s different. Pieces of my heart have now been left all over the world. I have stories, memories and history in every place I have been lucky enough to call home.

One thing I do know: I will never stop falling in love and leaving pieces of my heart all over the world, because the other option is not worth it. I want to live in and experience every place with my whole heart and soul.

So far two countries have really made me cry when I left. When I left Turkey I blubbered at the passport control officer, I was in bits and he was so kind and kept telling me that I can come back, it will be ok. When I left Tokyo and I had to sign the forms to say that my residence permit was no longer valid I burst into tears and the poor lady officer behind the counter had no idea what to do with me.

Every place I have lived has shaped me, changed me and taught me things.

So I am sitting here less than two weeks into my new adventure. Everything is new and not all the experiences are pleasant but I know now from experience that I can do this and a lot of what makes moving difficult is in part controlled by mindset. You have to look at the positives, the silver linings and the lights at the end of the tunnel. There are always going to be things that make you think “what the hell am I doing here” but without challenges life would be boring. I remember reading a quote once upon a time and it said something like “In order to tell interesting stories, you have to do interesting things”. So in these first few days where I just want to hide indoors I have to remind myself of this quote often. And suddenly one day everything will be again. The saddest I feel after leaving “home” for another “home” never goes away, but I would always choose the experience of living there than avoiding the difficulty in leaving and saying goodbye.

The world is a truly fascinating place, don’t ever be scared to choose the adventure.

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