I think I have forgotten how to blog

I have got to the stage where I think it may be time to close this blog. I am not good at blogging, I forget for months on end that I even have a blog. I question why I think I have anything to say here. But you know it is so nice to have a little visual diary, a timeline with some favourite photos to remember what has been and what was seen.

Our time in Japan is getting shorter and shorter and someday next year I will be in a new place with a new view and how loads of new complications and commitments to deal with. I will for one thing be homeschooling both my kids next year too, I think I may have officially lost my mine but to be honest I am also very excited about it. Change is a good thing. Challenge is a good thing. So I am challenging myself to keep this blog and to make an effort to use it. To start over and use it purely for me. My space to save moments and memories. This is all starting to sound soppy now so I will stop.

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