Whitby by the sea

Strange photo to choose for the opening shot I know but this is the building I will remember the most from Whitby. Firstly I am always happy to find a book shop but this one has so much character that there are illustrations of it. The stairs leading up to the second floor feel like they are going to fall down any day now and the second floor seems to slant in every direction.

The bookshop can be found on the older side of Whitby, my favourite part. On my first visit to Whitby I wasn’t sure whether I actually liked it or not, it’s loud, a little rough, crowded and covered and I mean covered in seagull poop. The second time though we went across the bridge to the older side of Whitby (as you can probably tell planning and research is not my strong suite as I didn’t have a clue about Whitby to begin with).

I ended up throughly enjoying my time in Whitby. I am glad that we didn’t actually stay in the village and I really wouldn’t want to live there but visiting it is great. We had some fantastic meals, which is always an important thing for me I love my food (check www.cassandraoleary.com to see why). My favourite meals were in Moon and Sixpence and The Marine hotel, I would highly recommend both.

Whitby has many different views of course, the harbour and the activity on the water, reflections from the houses and boats, the abbey ruins on the top of the hill, the stalls, the beach, the colourful huts, the pier, the crowds, the seagulls and loads of takeaway fish and chips. It is visually stimulating and great for photography and people watching.

I have to admit – Whitby just makes me think of the old Giles comics, I used to love those!

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