Robin Hood Bay

Some places feel characterful but touristy and then you get places like this that are full of character and feel completely lived in. This places oozes history, it feels like a town that has a lot of stories to tell. Apparently it was a bit of a smugglers town, bringing in alcohol and smuggling it underneath the cottages through interlocking passageways. There seems to be a few theories about the name as well, there is an old English ballad which claims that Robin Hood encountered French pirates who came to pillage the fisherman’s boats and the north-east coast. The pirates surrendered and Robin Hood returned the loot to the poor people in the village that is now called Robin Hood’s Bay. Honestly this village is just plain awesome!

We stopped in town (at this little white building) at a spot called The Old Baker, where the chef makes his own homemade bread and does the most delicious (and doorstop like) sandwiches you have ever had! We all had the bacon sandwiches, which were the best bacon sandwiches I have ever eaten, I am pretty sure that it is because of the chef’s homemade bread which he told us has only 5 ingredients, it is beautifully fresh and soft.

I wish I could stay in this town just for a week or two, wake up at 5:30am and take photographs of the town, eat in all the little gems throughout the village and sit and look at the sea. I didn’t stay or see as much as of this village as I would have liked too but I am so grateful to have seen it at all. Great place!

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