Grosmont – North Yorkshire Moors

Grosmont is a small village in the Esk Valley in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. It is home to the old steam trains that go from Whitby to Pickering. The trains were stopped and the station was closed in the 1960s but reopened in the 1970s thanks to the efforts of some steam train enthusiasts.

The village itself is tiny and the busiest place in the village is the station tavern pub right next door to the station. Most of the town is on a hill so you have to like a good climb. Its good for the butt muscles lol.

I have to say: if you do visit this town be sure to pop into the Geall Gallery, the artist is always in there and his work is stunning. I found the gallery beautifully inspiring.

The town is in a fantastic location, it’s a quick drive to Whitby from here and there are many walks from this village. On one of my afternoons there I walked up the hill (bent over at an angle just to get up it lol) and followed what I thought was a footpath only to end up in a farmers backyard. Luckily the farmer was very friendly and gave me some advice about walks nearby. He was a very sweet man with a little fishing hat and glasses, I couldn’t help but smile because he would have been a perfect character for a Wallace and Gromit animation. His accent was adorable too and stuck in my head for the rest of my holiday. He told me to go to the end of his farm and visit his cows, he told me they would be pretty friendly and he wasn’t wrong, once in the farm field after the first cow started towards me they all got up and started walking towards me, I was ok with one but when the whole lot were near I scampered back over the fence lol. I do love Yorkshire and it is so great to be out in nature. It is so different to being in Tokyo.

I tell you one thing these cows have the best view, I bet you they have witnessed some amount of awe inspiring sunrises and sunsets.

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