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I love the UK, especially the countryside. I try to come back to the UK once every year and my favourite part of my trip is always when we go off into the countryside. I am most definitely not a night owl and ever since I was very young my favourite part of the day was sunrise. Of course with life and kids etc I don’t manage to see the sunrise everyday but I do wake up around 5/5:30am. It is for me the very best time of the day, and that may be because I get it all to myself as everyone else is generally fast asleep and dreaming.

When I am in the UK I get the chance to follow the footpaths through the countryside at 5:30am when the air is crisp and scenery is just lighting up. It is my favourite way to start the day. Below are some photos from my morning walks close to Askrigg. I would stay in this town again. (If you want to read more about Askrigg check out my previous post)

It really doesn’t matter to me what the weather is like in the morning I will go out in no matter what given the choice. I don’t always have to take photographs although I obviously prefer it when I do. This year we were very lucky with the weather though and majority of the mornings were sunny. I know thats not the norm for this area so I am very grateful.

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