Castle Howard | Yorkshire | England

What a castle! This castle has been lived in by the Howard family since it was built 300 years ago. The house/castle has 1000 acres of land, covered in beautiful woodlands, with lakes, temples and fountains. They also have some cool shops (important feature for us girls), cool little cafes with some very fresh food, an awesome farm shop and a huge big kids playground that I spent a good bit of time in.

I thoroughly enjoyed the inside of this castle, so many well preserved works of art. For myself personally I was inspired by the sculptures, many of which were placed in beautifully lit areas.

The one hall that you pass through on the route through the castle was simply breathtaking. I spent a long time in it just trying to take it in and my youngest lay on her back on the floor to look up at it all.

I didn’t take quite as many photographs in the gardens as I spent the majority of my time in the adventure playground with the kids. I should have taken pictures of that too.

I do have a favourite photograph this time though. And it is the one below. I loved the sculpture at the end of the corridor and couldn’t help but be grateful for whoever the clever soul was that placed it in such beautiful light. That light really helps to show the emotion of the sculpture. Beautiful.

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