Another year another trip to Miyajima – I am addicted

Ok I have to admit that Miyajima may be my favourite place in Japan. Although to be honest I like so many places in Japan and for different reasons that it’s really hard to choose a favourite. I have been to Miyajima 3 times now though and thoroughly enjoyed it each and every time. I have also seen new things each time I have been. This time was my first visit to Daishoin Temple and I wish I had been before because photographically it is such an interesting place and I could see myself spending a lot more time there just soaking things in.

The cable car up Mount Misen is well worth it. The walk up to the cable car is pretty too so I never take the little shuttle bus. You want to get there early because the queue can get pretty long and in Japan they do put a lot of people into one little cable car which always freaks me out lol.

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