Huis Ten Bosch | Sasebo | Nagasaki | Japan

I have never been to Holland, I would love to see it one day and I have a feeling that I would really like it. Growing up in South Africa that had a lot of influence from the Dutch may be part of it as well as all the great photographs I see of it on Instagram. I have to admit though that I don’t remember ever meeting anyone that said that they had been and didn’t like it. I gotta get there one day, it’s just a little far from here.

In Japan though you can go to Huis Ten Bosch which is a Dutch themed fun park and it really looks like what I imagine Holland to look it. It is a really cool like place, and I am not one that really likes fun parks that much so it means a lot coming from me lol.

They also had chocolate fondues which myself and my little dude sat and stuffed our faces with. Yum!

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