China Town | Nagasaki | Japan

Nagasaki is a cool city. It has a lot of character, probably due to its history of being a trading port. It was freezing when we were there and we stayed in a very old traditional Ryokan and there was 2 little rooms in it only one of which had a heater which was off all day so when you got home it was FREEZING! The bathroom was furthest away from the heater and was made of stone – need I say more.

However, this city rocks and I was always looking forward to seeing Nagasaki’s china town. It isn’t as big as the china town in Yokohama but it is still good. We were lucky enough to be there during the lantern festival.

you can’t beat that street name

It was very difficult to get the photograph above but if you look closely those are all pig heads – WEIRD!

The place was full of lanterns and it looked particularly great at night.

The chinese shrines in Yokohama’s china town are very colourful and very ornate, the ones in Nagasaki are very different, they are very old and feel very atmospheric and characterful.

In some of the photos you can see the snow in the air, it really really really was cold!

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