Panos and the Fuji x100s

I have had this little Fuji x100s for around 2 years now and I do love it, to be honest I have had my fights with it, but I still love it and for everyday going around normal life its a gem. The focus isn’t fast enough for photographing kids and I often miss shots that I know I could get with my big camera which is frustrating but now that I have had this camera for a while and we have grown to understand each other I know what for and when and why I want to use it.

The other day though I realised that I have gotten lazy, and I sat and watched a tips and tricks for this little camera and discovered that I have never ever used the Panoramic setting. It’s not something that I would use often but if you are in a situation where you would love a pano and either don’t have a tripod with you or have kids complaining its cold and want to go home (I get this one more often) then it’s really quite a cool little setting. You can change the direction of the pano too making it possible to take them with the camera in a vertical position therefore giving you slightly better quality. And this is all hand held.

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