update Nov 2016

Yes, you may or may not have noticed that this blog has a habit of getting covered in cobwebs lol!

I have a whole heap of photographs to share and I will eventually get to that. (Although not many of the kids as my son has banned me from sharing his online – yep I am serious lol) We have been doing a LOT of travelling within Japan, especially since my youngest isn’t mean’t to fly that often, she has narrow airways – serious spanner in the works for travel addicted parents though lol! Don’t worry we still love her 🙂

However I have also been busy with the photographs for the YouTube show Talk in Tokyo, which is now every week and keeps me behind the camera or the computer a lot! It is great fun though and the people I work with have become really great friends and I am grateful for that. It is also a great way to get out and about in Tokyo and see this or hear things I wouldn’t have otherwise.

The other thing keeping me busy is that I am now studying to become a Nutrition and Lifestyle coach. This was a huge decision for me. I have been fascinated with the connection between nutrition/lifestyle and health since my son was born. He had a milk intolerance which I started studying up on and that opened up a whole world of things for me. It’s been years that I have been reading or watching information on food and health, but if you yourself have ever looked into it you will know – it is a minefield out there! So finally I decided that I wanted to look for a little more clarity, a little more understanding so I am doing a level 4 Diploma on Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching. It will be good for my whole family.

So that’s it really. Between kids, school, studying, cooking, photography, editing, learning to use the Osmo camera, sleeping, drinking red wine, eating dark chocolate, walking, travelling, reading and playing with the family, there are not a lot of hours in the day! But as many mother always tells me – “its better to be busy than bored”.

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