New Zealand | Christmas 2015

I have finally finished editing, it took me longer than I thought but I took 2980 photos in total. Don’t panic I am not going to be sharing 2980 photos, I edited just over 500 of those and I will share those – Joking! I will try my best to pick just a handful or two or three.

So is New Zealand all it’s cracked up to be: yes, yes it is! It is a nature lovers paradise, a photographer’s paradise, an extreme sporter’s paradise, a hiker’s paradise, basically it should be crammed full of people but its completely empty so therefore also a loner’s paradise. Coming from Tokyo this amount of empty space and seeing so few people and not one single crowd took a while to get used to.

But I am a woman of few words so I won’t ramble on I will get to sticking some pictures in here. I will try to caption them as best I can. Enjoy. If you have any questions just shout.

decemberNZ-142 wm

First stop Auckland.

decemberNZ-127 wm

There may only be 4 hours time difference but my littlest doesn’t like to sleep on a plane.

decemberNZ-110 wm

The Sky Tower.

decemberNZ-145 wm

Standing on the glass floor on the sky tower, this is as adventurous as I got, if you look at the photo below that is a girl jumping off the top.

decemberNZ-159 wmdecemberNZ-202 wm

I am a huge seafood fan (good thing I live in Japan) but there are things I cannot get in Japan which I completely pig out on when abroad. I gained 2.5kg over the 3 weeks – oops.

decemberNZ-302 wm

Next stop the Ferry from Wellington to Picton. Wellington was one of my favourite cities in New Zealand, I know its one of the windiest places on the planet but it has a really nice compact feel with loads of soul.

decemberNZ-325 wm

One of the only wet days we had in New Zealand, yes I know – WE WERE VERY LUCKY!

decemberNZ-332 wm

From one boat to another. Due to my not so organised planning I didn’t know we would be taking a 20 minute water taxi to a empty jetty to wait for a car to come and fetch us and drive us over the other side of the hill to our amazing little hotel with great views and fantastic food.

decemberNZ-334 wmdecemberNZ-351 wmdecemberNZ-380 wmdecemberNZ-387 wm

Yeah see that view!

decemberNZ-437 wm

All to quickly it was then time to get back on the really cool water taxi back to Picton and off we went around the south island.

decemberNZ-499 wmdecemberNZ-500 wm

Passing lots of gorgeous scenery along the way. I think the hardest thing for photographers travelling around such a gorgeous country is the amount of times you actually want to stop the car and walk off road to get some photos, however I think its even harder for the photographer’s husband and children lol.

decemberNZ-540 wm

Next big city for us was Christchurch. Coming from Tokyo we are used to quakes, what I wasn’t expecting was the amount of damage caused by the quake in Christchurch 5 years ago. It was a shock for me, I have never seen any damage from quakes here so I didn’t realise the extent of it in Christchurch when I saw it on the news. I then found out that Christchurch is actually build on a swamp, and they knew about one of the big fault lines beneath the ground but the fault line that caused the last quake was a new one and it is was just 5km below the surface, then I understood why there was just so much damage. There is a lot of graffiti and street art through the city, lots of rubble (like you can see on the ground in the image above) which must have been where a building once stood but has since been demolished, and lots of buildings like the grey one behind here which is awaiting demolition. It was very sad, but the city is rebuilding and they are doing it in a very colourful way, it would be great to see this city again a few years down the line.

decemberNZ-618 wm

One of the first shots I took after dropping my lens and when I realised that it was in fact busted!

decemberNZ-620 wmdecemberNZ-632 wmdecemberNZ-707 wm

Our next big stop was Dunedin and this is the Taieri Gorge Railway. Dunedin seems like a really nice town, unfortunately though we were there just after christmas and everything was still closed and the city was like a ghost town. So instead we headed off on this train journey and we explored the Otago peninsula as well before heading on.

decemberNZ-717 wmdecemberNZ-720 wmdecemberNZ-749 wmdecemberNZ-784 wm

I know I am sharing a lot of pictures from this train ride but it really was a great trip, all of us enjoyed it.

decemberNZ-864 wm

We also travelled all the way down south to Invercargill and Bluff. This I have to be honest was my least favourite area of New Zealand, but since we have been to the south tip of both South America and Africa we felt we had to make the trip. I think you would really need to love the cold and solitude to live all the way down there. (or maybe be trying to hide lol)


You probably have not noticed but I am leaving out a few towns along the way. With so many photos to share I need to be a little picky.

decemberNZ-947 wm

Beautiful scenery as we head towards Te Anau.

decemberNZ-999 wm

More gorgeous seafood. Te Anau is a really nice town, its small and full of tourists but really nice and the setting is amazing. It is from here that you can take trips to the glow worm caves as well as Doubtful Sound.

decemberNZ-952 wm

The first of our boat trips was to the glow worm caves. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The next 3 photos below are all from inside the glow worm caves and they are courtesy of REAL JOURNEYS as you are not allowed to take photos inside the caves. We were also not expecting how dark it was inside the cave, they cannot use any lights because then the glow worms stop glowing. You are pulled along in a boat by a guide who uses a chain system attached to the rocks, its actually quite scary at first and for kids that are scared of the dark it is petrifying, especially as the boat keeps bumping into the rocks along the way. It is well worth it though and it was a highlight for my own kids. The youngest started signing twinkle twinkle when she saw the glowing lights, it was super cute.


It is a lot like looking at the night sky, but with a green colour.


Thank you to REAL JOURNEYS for the use of the photos.

decemberNZ-1009 wm

Our next trip also headed out from Te Anua, as you can see the weather started out very misty and cloudy but by the time we got across to the other side and on the boat to cruise the Doubtful Sound the weather was lovely again.

decemberNZ-1022 wm

Our first sight of the beautiful Doubtful Sound.

decemberNZ-1026 wmdecemberNZ-1035 wmdecemberNZ-1096 wmdecemberNZ-1106 wmdecemberNZ-1111 wmSuch a gorgeous place, it felt like I should just keep snapping and snapping, I had to remember to just sit and watch and take it all in and remember just how lucky I am.
decemberNZ-1155 wm

Back to Te Anau and a beautiful sunset.

decemberNZ-1168 wmdecemberNZ-1172 wm

decemberNZ-1310 wm

Soon though it was time to follow the gorgeous scenery to Milford Sound. There is just one road to Milford Sound and the road ends there, from there you have to head back the way you came. The road is stunning though and was a definite highlight, many people do it as a day trip but we were lucky enough to be able to stay in Milford Sound for 2 nights. It was the part of the trip I was looking forward to the most and it didn’t disappoint.

decemberNZ-1320 wm

A quick stop at the mirror lakes along the way.

decemberNZ-1335 wmdecemberNZ-1344 wm

We took our poor little rental car down some not so great roads, we ended up with the dirtiest car every time we parked somewhere. The dust was like clay when it got wet.

decemberNZ-1369 wm

The road took ages to drive because we just kept stopping. We found a few of these suspension bridges. My kids were too chicken to go on them but they were great, felt like you were walking the plank lol.

decemberNZ-1370 wmdecemberNZ-1373 wmdecemberNZ-1385 wmdecemberNZ-1405 bw wm

The beautiful scenery never ended.

decemberNZ-1431 wmdecemberNZ-1450 wmdecemberNZ-1459 wm

When my husband told me that we were going to be driving through the Homer tunnel, I expected a big tunnel, this tunnel was actually quite scary and only one lane. It felt really carved out of the rock!

decemberNZ-1460 wmdecemberNZ-1521 wm

Settling in to our new spot for two nights at Milford Sound.

decemberNZ-1536 wmdecemberNZ-1548 wmdecemberNZ-1557 wm

Off we go a cruising the Sound. To be honest though Milford is not actually a sound at all, it is a fjord. I didn’t care, it was gorgeous no matter what it was.

decemberNZ-1560 wmdecemberNZ-1567 bw wmdecemberNZ-1579 wmdecemberNZ-1603-2 wm

My personal favourite photo from the whole trip.

decemberNZ-1639 wmdecemberNZ-1643 bw wmdecemberNZ-1665 wmdecemberNZ-1681 wmdecemberNZ-1693 wm

We were even lucky enough to see dolphins! I am so lucky!

decemberNZ-1727 wm

A stop at the underwater observatory. The story behind how this was build and transported is fascinating, I found it more interesting than the observatory itself. The setting was pretty awesome too.

decemberNZ-1711 wm

decemberNZ-1841 wm

Now I have to admit that I am not a night owl. I like to go to bed early and I like my sleep, so it wasn’t easy for me to wake up at 2 am to get some shots of the stars. I had two problems, one I was fast asleep and two I had never taken night photos before and had no idea how. But living in Tokyo means I very rarely see a starry sky, so I had to give it a go. Not the best job in the world, but I now know that I really want to do it again.

decemberNZ-1856 wm

decemberNZ-1860 bw wm

Back on the road again, can you see it there, that little wiggly thing in-between all those gorgeous big mountains!

decemberNZ-1885 wm

Getting closer to Queenstown, I have never in my life seen a city with such a awe inspiring setting. I am not into the adventure sports so I didn’t really know what to expect from Queenstown, but once I saw the setting I knew that myself and my camera would be very happy there. (until my camera broke)

decemberNZ-1894 wmdecemberNZ-1902 wm

decemberNZ-1929 wm

Taking the gondola up to the viewing spot.

decemberNZ-1930 wm

It’s quite the viewing spot. Again I was really lucky with the clouds, the following day was completely overcast and quite cold. I would love to have gone up here a few time in different weather.

Queenstown though is a strange place, I think if you are young (like in your 20s) its probably a blast, if you are a adventure sports junky then there is not better place. If you live there permanently though it must be quite strange, it has become very commercial and full of souvenir shops, it has a transient feel to it as everyone you meet is passing through. I really enjoyed being there but couldn’t image living there. The setting and the places around it that you can drive to though cause easily change my mind.

decemberNZ-1953 wmdecemberNZ-1971 wm

There is a really cool little go-cart spot at the top of the gondola called the Lupo. I recommend buying a load of tickets cause you are going to be addicted.

decemberNZ-1982 wmdecemberNZ-2015 wm

Travelling down to a place called Paradise, we took the coast road that you can see in the image above. It was a cloudy day and the wind was strong and cold. The scenery was spectacular and I know that a lot of television productions are filmed around here and I could see why.

For me though this is where my camera broke. I was taking a photo of the water and suddenly I heard a noise I shouldn’t have heard, the mirror went up and didn’t come down. I travelled back to Queenstown and asked at the local camera shop what they though and they told me it would need to be sent to the factory. So I realised that I would be spending the rest of the holiday without a camera, just my little old phone. It took me a few days to get over it but hey that’s life isn’t it. I still got to see some amazing things, if you check out this post  “A lesson learn’t”  you will see the photos from Fox Glacier, taken with my phone but I am happy to have them as well as to have had such an amazing experience.

New Zealand was eye opening for me, so beautiful and so empty. I could image exploring it further, deeper, given the time. I image that I will always want to go back again to see more, if I am lucky enough. I know its seriously far away and a long long long way down under but it was definitely worth the trip and I will forever be grateful that I have been lucky enough to see it. I hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of it through my lens.


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