a lesson learnt…

So I do really need to start showing some photos from New Zealand. I have a little story to tell though as I learnt a really good lesson while I was in NZ. On Christmas day I unfortunately dropped my main lens, my workhouse lens, my go to lens and it broke. Not great. I had however bought 3 lenses with me so I put away my broken one, dried my tears and moved on. By the end of the second week I realised just how much I loved that broken lens as I found myself in situations where I would have loved to have had it. It’s hard, no it’s impossible to choose a favourite lens but I do now know just how much I loved it.

Then things got much worse. With just one week left in our holiday (I am forever grateful that this didn’t happen at the beginning) I was out in a really cold wind taking a photo, click, I then rotated the camera, click – ERR !!! I got the dreaded ERR sign on the camera, the mirror was stuck open and I sat in shock. I hate to admit it but when I got back to our hotel, I cried and then cried some more and then went off looking for wine.

The following morning it dawned on me that I no longer had a camera to use on the holiday, stupidly, naively, I didn’t bring a backup, not even my little fuji which I normally always bring as a backup. I had nothing but my iPhone. It took me a full day of feeling sorry for myself before I decided that I needed to see it as a challenge. It also ended up giving me more time to play attention to the kids and a lot more time to just look, properly look and take it all in.

So here are some photos taken in that last week, with nothing but my iPhone. We took a helicopter ride over the fox glacier, which actually landed on the glacier and we were able to get out and play in the snow. It was an experience that will forever be ingrained in my brain.

januaryNZ-481 wmjanuaryNZ-473 wmjanuaryNZ-500 wmThis ^ is Mount Cook. Its pretty impressive!

januaryNZ-506 wmjanuaryNZ-563 bw wmjanuaryNZ-538 wmjanuaryNZ-575 bw wmjanuaryNZ-595 wmjanuaryNZ-629 wmjanuaryNZ-586 wmjanuaryNZ-596 wmjanuaryNZ-597 bw wmjanuaryNZ-608 wmjanuaryNZ-612 wmjanuaryNZ-636 wmjanuaryNZ-639 wmjanuaryNZ-702 wm

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