It’s almost Christmas!

As the end of the month of November has started to appear I have to admit my #NaPhoPoMo challenge failure, however I also have to point out that I have blogged more this month than ever before so it wasn’t all bad!

Today is the 25th of November, which means we have just one more month before yet another christmas is here, it goes too fast!

Anyway today I am sharing something very small, I have been working away on Xanthe Berekely’s time capsule workshop and having a blast of a time with it. I wasn’t that thrilled when I read the first week because it was all about making slideshows with photos and I wanted to just jump right into the juice video bits BUT I WAS SO WRONG!! I got to make stop motion videos and lets just say I can see an addiction forming! So here is a little 15 second one I made for Instagram (my other addiction).

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