A taste of Nikko…

So apparently I am unable to keep up with my #NaPhoPoMo challenge while travelling! Never mind, I have to make an exception for that and just make up for it now. After all travelling with kids (especially when one of them is potty training) does mean you have your hands pretty full.

We travelled to Nikko over the weekend, its only just over 150km from Tokyo and most people do it as a day trip but we decided to stay one night in Nikko so that we could wake up early in the morning and walk around before the crowds arrived. And believe me there are crowds in Nikko, all year round! The locals must be sick of tourists!

I will be sharing photos from there but first I wanted to share a little time capsule video. I am still working on these, this is my first ever long one (its only just over a minute lol), but I had good fun making it and it is great to see memories with movement.

Password: Nikko2015

Nikko 2015 from Cassandra OLeary on Vimeo.

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