A taste of Kamikochi…

Today I start Xanthe Berkeley’s time capsule workshop, I was thrilled to find this workshop as I really think its a creative push which I need and will grow from and thoroughly enjoy.

Below is one of my recent 15 second Instagram mini time capsules, it’s only the second one that I have ever made, but I find them great fun to make and thats why I am so excited to start learning more and hopefully growing and improving!

This video is taken using videos I took in Kamikochi over the weekend. Kamikochi is possibly my favourite place in Japan and somewhere that I feel I could return to over and over again without ever getting bored. I’ll be sharing a lot more photos from here over the next few days. (I have to keep up with the #NaPhoPoMo challenge so its a good excuse!)

You need to let it load to watch it properly, but if that doesnt work just hop over to my Instagram feed to see it at IG

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