A good view…

I almost missed my #NaPhoPoMo challenge today! Shame on me! 

So today I’m sharing one of my favourite views from my weekend in Kamikochi. I walked down here at 6:30am, everything was covered in frost and I was breathing out steam. Even the river was steaming and just looked so beautiful and clear. 

In Japan lots of people get up really early, it’s one of the things I like about Japan because I’m a really early rising and will always jump at the chance to watch the sunrise. There were a few other people out and about while I was walking but not as many as I would have expected. It was well worth though cause in just an hour the sun was up a little higher and the frost had begun to disappear which made it look very different. 

Anyway here is one of my favourite views, I hope you like it too. 


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