Sometimes you just get lucky | Meji Jingu | Tokyo | Japan

I walk a lot, and as often as I can, walking I would say is one of my all time favourite hobbies! This day I just happened to walk to my favourite and closest shrine, Meji Jingu and there just happened to be two weddings taking place, I could not be luckier! I love seeing weddings in Japan, the brides dresses, or kimonos, depending on the bride, are exquisite and there is just a magical feeling to the entire place when there is a wedding taking place there. On this day, one groom looked absolutely thrilled, he was beaming from ear to ear and his happiness was infectious, the other groom looked a little scared, I know he will be ok but he was also much younger and I get it, it is a scary but wonderful thing! I wish them both long and very happy lives together and I thank them both for letting me see a glimpse of their special day.

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