Nezu-Jingu | Tokyo | Japan

I made one of those unforgivable, utterly stupid photography mistakes yesterday, I got to Nezu Shrine took out my camera and suddenly realised that I was almost out of battery. I dived into my backpack got out the spare one and realised that that one was already dead! So I managed to get 10 images before the camera died on me. But on the bright side, I got to see a shrine that I haven’t seen before, I also got to walk around it without constantly sticking my head behind a camera and just lazily walked around and soaked it all in. I will of course have to go back with a camera that has in fact got battery, but I had a good day nevertheless! This shrine looks old and feels old and it has a lovely little walkway of red tori gates that you can slowly wander through. Well worth the visit.

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