Senso-Ji Temple | Peace and quiet

Every now and again I get this need to just jump in the car and go somewhere that satisfies my senses, this week I had just that day. I dropped everything else, jumped into the car and with the camera I headed off to Senso-ji Temple. Senso-ji is a favourite of mine, I can go there often and I have been there at least half a dozen times already and plan to just keep going back. Maybe one day I will even get a day there which isn’t crowded – fingers crossed!

In the centre of the temple grounds there is always incense burning and I find that smell so mystic, the clouds from the incense barrel fill the air and are caught by the light so they could be mistaken for clouds. And the colour red, there is so much red, this is a very attractive temple and it is very well looked after.

But that is not all, around the temple are lots of stalls and little shops, the little side streets are full of random oddities. Little shops selling Japanese sweets or souvenirs, restaurants selling puffer fish, fruit stalls, a feast for the eyes.

Here are a few pictures from the day, a day well spent, a day treasured.

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septembertokyo-652 wm

septembertokyo-558 wm

septembertokyo-683 wm

septembertokyo-751-2 wm

septembertokyo-699 wm

septembertokyo-541 wm

septembertokyo-598 wm

septembertokyo-528 wm

septembertokyo-580 wm

’till the next time!

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