Hello my name is Cassandra and I am a Artifact Uprising addict.


Looking back now I wish my addiction had started earlier. All those pictures stuck on my hard drives or stored away safely online are gathering virtual dust, I never visit them. However my books, they live in the lounge, all of us can look at them whenever we please and they make me smile.

I told myself that I was making these books for the kids, memories for them to look back on when they get older, a way for them to remember the excitement they have had in their childhoods, the places they have seen and the things they have experienced. It started out well, I created a series called “tiny in Tokyo…” but then the addiction got worse and now I have to admit these books, well really, they are for me! And I love them!

augusttokyo-1583 wm

I started with the small books.

augusttokyo-1466 wm

I still love these ones!

augusttokyo-1476 wm

They hold the memories for the first year in Japan, the getting to know and getting to love Japan period. I am completely smitten now!

augusttokyo-1480 wm

Then I decided to try the bigger books, my plan was to keep these as “our travels”, so every time we travelled somewhere I would create a book.

augusttokyo-1521 wm

augusttokyo-1586-Edit wm

augusttokyo-1493 wm

augusttokyo-1563 wm

But oh my those big spreads! This only made my addiction stronger!

augusttokyo-1570 wm

Now I just want to create more and more and more.

augusttokyo-1513 wm

I don’t plan on stopping and I plan to enjoy every single one of them!

So if you haven’t tried creating books with Artifact Uprising, I suggest you do, unless of course you are scared of becoming as big an addict as myself 🙂


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