A walk around Zojo-ji Temple, making friends with my Fuji.



This is a post for my fellow photographer, specifically the ones looking for a small alternative camera. I don’t normally write long blog posts (I don’t normally write at all do I lol) but I was having a head space photography issue the other day; partly because we just came back from summer holiday which always makes it hard to pick the camera up again in the midst of routines and daily chores, but also because it is so hard to carry the big camera around while running after two small kids.

I have had the little Fuji x100s camera for a while now, probably over a year. I bought it because I needed a good camera that was light and easy to just sling over your shoulder and go, I wanted a camera with a fixed lens so that I didn’t have the choice of lenses and didn’t just end up being sucked into another system of cameras and an endless pit of lens possibilities, it needed to be able to shoot in RAW and I wanted a good aperture range with it. The little Fuji ticked all the boxes.

So now here comes the head space problem, I fall in and out of love with this little camera often. I know that deep down inside if I am truly honest with myself, I always prefer the photos I take with my Nikon, its been with me for over 10 years and I know it – well. (its got all worn and faded in parts and even has a plaster on it lol, it is a well used camera). When I bought the Fuji, I knew that I wasn’t buying it as a replacement for my Nikon, but this is something I have to keep reminding myself, sometimes I expect too much from the little camera. There is however one thing that keeps me in love with the little guy, there are times and situations where if I didn’t have the Fuji I wouldn’t have the photo, it is as simple as that.  I also know that I need to learn how to use it to it’s best ability, I need to stop trying to use it the same way I use my Nikon.

There have been times where this little camera has been invaluable, with its silence and inconspicuousness it has many advantages and I always find that I enjoy being out with it.

So the other day, I changed my plans, I left the car and walk and walked until I got to the Zojo-ji Temple in Tokyo and here I spent an hour, just me and the Fuji making friends. Here are the photos from that walk: this may be a little pic heavy (37 pics) but I know when I am looking around at getting a camera I like to see pictures taken with it.


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  • Thanks for the beautiful share, Cassie! I have the exact same mental block against my Fuji – you’ve inspired me to get back out there with it.ReplyCancel

    • imagesbycassandra

      Thank you Stacey! It makes my day that I might have inspired you to get back out with the fuji! That mental block is an awful pain in the butt 🙂ReplyCancel