Itchy feet…


As much as I love Tokyo it can also frustrate me. I find that if we don’t get out of the city on the weekends I get serious cabin fever. Being out on a weekend in Tokyo feels more like….., you know what there is no way to explain it, it’s a weird combination of crowdedness and politeness. You want to complain about the amount of people but they are so polite that it makes you feel guilty. I don’t know another city in the world that could handle the amount of people that are out on a weekend like Tokyo can.

But at this time of the year the days are longer and the sunsets light up the early evening sky in a way that makes me want to run out with the camera and sit and soak it all in! Except I have no idea where to go – so I get frustrated lol! I think I need a holiday, preferably in the sticks somewhere lol

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend wherever you are 🙂

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