I recently took a break from my camera, I do this every now and again and I believe its a good thing. I often explore other creatives outlets for a while until I miss my camera so much that everyday I want to go out and shoot. Many people say that they love to use their camera everyday and I believe them, but I have been behind the camera for over 10 years now and I find that the easiest way to entice my muse is to deprive it of the very thing it wants. My normal creative outlet during these times is design and illustration, both mediums that I enjoy immensely, I studied graphic design after leaving school and have always loved it. Both of these mediums I feel also feed my photography and visa versa, I love having them all to play with and the ability to flip from one to the other keeps me from getting bored or feeling stale, I get bored far too easily it drives my hubbie nuts!

If you haven’t tried taking a break from your photography, so for a month or two and then coming back to it with fresh eyes I highly recommend you try it,  just once, to see if it works for you too, you never know if you don’t try! If it does please let me know cause I am curious!

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