A little venting…


Ok so I’m going to have a bit of a vent, just a small one ok.

I have been a foreigner in a foreign country for as long as I can remember, in most of the countries I have lived in being a blonde means I stand out and pretty much never would be able to blend into the crowd. Now I’m not particularly pretty, I’m not butt ugly either, I’m average high and I’m not really thin as I have a few chubby bits but I’m not really fat either. I’m fairly average, so I find it very difficult to understand why so many people take my photo! No one ever asks either.

In just the past week, I’ve been snapped with a long lens in the park, me and my daughter were videoed in a children’s park (creepy – left as fast as my feet could take me) and the worst one was when I was having dinner with my two kids in a restaurant a woman walked up to the table, took out her camera and snapped away despite the shock on my face! She never said a word to us! It’s a very odd feeling to feel like a tourist attraction! Also my kids hate it, so as much as I try to laugh it off I have to admit I don’t think I’ll ever just be ok with it.

This has however taught me a lot and I know that it effects how I myself take photographs when I’m out or when I travel, it even effects the way I take pictures of my kids and what I do with those pictures.

So that’s the end of my vent. Back to normal! Maybe I should start wearing makeup lol 🙂


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