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If you don’t know already, I am rather fond of creative things. So much so that I somewhat fearlessly try things and get all excited before I really know what I am doing or getting myself into. This leads me to being in way over my head on occasion. Awhile back I got it in my head to have a go at writing, now I really did enjoy writing and english class when I was in school. Yes school, so many moons ago, what was I thinking! However I did learn a lot, about a lot of different things and I do still enjoy writing, but I see now more clearly where it can be of use for me.
So why am I telling you all of this? Well I was doing a travel writing course, turns out I don’t write like a travel writer at all, so I was laughing to myself as I recently came back from a trip to Cebu. It really is a gorgeous spot to have a nice relaxing holiday (not good travel writing lol), but I cannot tell you anything else, I did not see a single bit of Cebu. The hotel however was fantastic and perfect for kids!
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