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My blog has a big of a history by now, did you know that I had a blogspot blog before this one? Like many that is where my online world began. The strange thing is that when I started that blog so many moons ago, it didn’t have a single photograph on it, not one! It was a blog about illustration.

Let me go back a bit to explain, I used to be a graphic designer, I say used to be because I haven’t worked as a designer for years, but it has never left me and playing with designs, text, illustration and photography has always excited my easily bored mind!

I was doing an illustration degree when I started my blogspot blog, I was loving it. Unfortunately though with a small child at my ankles I was not coping as well as I wanted to. I am the kinda person that if I am going to do something I am going to do it as best I can, I cannot do half hearted. So I eventually realised that I needed to prioritise and I left the course and concentrated on my little dude. I then had a little dudet as well and as you all know, time just slips away. So my first blog evolved from illustration to photography, I then started a new blog (this one) to concentrate on my photography and share with others who love the medium.

As I sit here now though, I can see another evolution on the horizon. I am tired of separating loves, I am tired of hearing that to be good at anything, to gain a following, to really know your market, that you have to specialise. Well I am breaking that mould, starting today! I will be sharing everything on this blog from now on, from hand fonts, to art, to illustration, to sketchbooks and as always photography! I will share whatever I feel needs to be shared. They always say that in art there are no rules. I am starting realise now the true meaning of that phrase!


So I wish you all the freedom to spread your wings and fly this year!

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