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I have been a foreigner for longer than I can remember. Moving and living somewhere new does help to constantly remind me to see with fresh eye and look at the world around me and to see the everyday beauty. As easy as that sounds though it often takes no more than 6 months before routines and daily life start to replace that fascination with the new and the simple beauties. Before long everything starts to look the same and the days start to bleed into one another again. This happens faster than you may think. If you live abroad it doesn’t necessarily mean that life is anymore exciting, or that your daily routines are magically more interesting or disappear. In fact in matter what life you lead, whether it be a foreigner or a homebody we can all do with a reminder every now and again to slow down and look, slow down and observe, slow down and take in the simple, little, everyday wonders in our lives. We need to remember to keep our eyes open. I wanted to remind myself of this and by writing it here hopefully remind someone else as well. There is beauty everywhere, but you won’t see it if you don’t look.

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