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Stories give our lives meaning, they unite us and tie us together. I am a little obsessed with the art of storytelling at the moment, not just visual storytelling but also through the written word and conversation.

I heard a great quote recently: “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you have heard their story” – Mary Lou Kownacki

I am naturally a shy person and I tend not to put myself in situations where I either have to talk to a lot of people or have to give away much of myself. I have realised though that I am interested in people and interested in their stories as well as the places they live and love, it is just the shyness that stops me from asking the questions I wish were answered. So I have taken on a two projects this year that I believe will help me to grow both in the art of storytelling and personally conquer some of my internal fears. Fear is a good thing, it teaches us a lot about what it is we truly want.

The first project is a travel writing course, I am already on assignment 3 for this, and so far my feedback has been great and really motivating. I will share the first two pieces here in two separate posts later on and I will share my journey as it progresses. I have no writing background so it does feel a little naked to put myself out there but then it is a fear I need to conquer.

The second project I have taken on is to create a collection of black and white landscape images from Japan, I chose black and white because it is something I tend to avoid as I often think that life is lived in colour. I plan to write a small descriptive piece to accompany each photograph and at the end of one year I will create a book with the images and the writing. Of course with the nature of projects this may change here and there, and I am flexible and open to that. Again I will share my journey here as I progress through this project.

I don’t currently plan to take on any other projects this year, but life does have a way of popping a few surprises in here and there and that is ok and it keeps things exciting too 🙂

So if you think I should share these two projects as they progress please leave me a message in the comments.

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