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I went for a walk today, nothing new for me I love to walk and the further the better! I did close to 10 kilometres in two separate walks. During my first walk I had my little Fuji around my neck and I was running after a little mischief most of the time, but when it came to the second walk I was going out solo, so I decided to take my big baby and instead of my 28mm or 35mm go to lenses I opted for the 85mm. Strange for me as I am a huge lover of a wide lens but I wanted to play with something long. As I was walking I realised that I hadn’t really taken a single photo, now I have done this same walk a few times and have always snapped merrily away, the only difference today was the lens.

So what does this mean? I thought about it for the next 3 kilometres and you know what, I have become so accustomed to my wide lenses that that is how I see. I see photographs around me easier in a wide angle then I do a zoomed one. Now I do know that it’s both a good and a bad thing to think or see like your lens. Let me explain: to me you see I think if you see like your go to lens it means that you really are getting to know that lens, it will help you move pass the gear and into the picture, BUT and you know there is always a but, it also means that in someways you are being lazy and missing shots that are right in front of you because you cannot see them. Now I am not sure whether it is actually possible to learn to see like all your lenses wide and zoom but I think taking your least lens out every once and a while is a great way to push your creative eye and look around, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if it is an important event or day out that you need to get shots at, rather I would say take it out on a walk and take your time.

So what did I learn today while playing outside with my 85mm?

1. I love how inclusive a wide angle lens is, but I had forgotten just how sweet isolation from a zoom lens can be!

2. You are never as close as you think you are and often you are closer than you wish lol! use those feet!

3. My wide lenses really can get closer to a subject than my zooms but need different skills for the same simple isolation skill of a zoom lens.

4. I love to walk with just about any camera – NEVER STOP SHOOTING 🙂


apriltokyo-534 BW wm

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