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I opened the fridge door and it was the first thing to catch my eye, I still hadn’t developed that roll of film, I just needed to finish off the roll in the camera, I was procrastinating and I just needed to get off my lazy butt and do it!

So I did!

I couldn’t even remember what was on the rolls anymore, which is kinda part of the magic with film, its like getting a gift when you pick up the developed roll. It is expensive here in Tokyo though, everything is expensive here in Tokyo, but to develop two rolls of film is almost 25 dollars, which doesn’t sound like too much but it adds up so you really cannot do film all the time, unless of course you are getting paid for it. So film as much as I love you, you will need to remain my little bit on the side!

All these were taken with a Nikon F80 (N80 USA) camera and Fuji 400PRO film. I actually prefer my F80 to my F100.  These are all unedited – straight from the developer.

film blog 1

film blog 2

Same flower same spot, all I did was face the window and then face away from the window – magic!

film blog 3

film blog 5

film blog4

aprilfilm-61 wm

I cannot wait to get another roll in the camera!

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  • Catherine R.

    Gorgeous images!!!ReplyCancel

  • So beautiful. I love being able to travel through your photos 🙂 Developing film has gotten so expensive, hasn’t it? I have three rolls of film waiting to be sent off and I know the bill is going to be at least $45…yikes!! But it’s so worth it when you see how magical those images turn out.ReplyCancel

  • James D.

    What lens did you use for these shots?ReplyCancel

    • imagesbycassandra

      Hi James, All of the shots, except the flowers (macro lens) were taken with a 35mm f1.4 lens. One of my all time favourite lenses. I hope that helps 🙂ReplyCancel