NARA | KYOTO – part 2

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, yes I am serious, it is because my kids complain, they don’t want to walk anymore, “no more shrine mommy” they shout at me!!! But there are a few little tricks that make travelling with kids easier, firstly and this is an expensive one – an iPad – honestly I couldn’t travel without one, there is nothing better to entertain a bored child or give a tired parent a break! I also always have snacks hidden somewhere, ranging from lollipops to raisins they are hidden in pockets and bags and prams, they are essential, there is nothing grouchier than a hungry kid, except maybe a hungry husband but thats a whole different problem! I also always have things like straws so I can grab them a drink anywhere, I also have small fit in your hand or pocket sized toys or books. As well as that a scooter is pretty handy, my son complains ALOT when I make him walk all over the place but the scooter makes it that much more fun for him! Walking around Nara and Kyoto it quickly become apparent that we were going to only manage 2 shrines a day tops with the kids, but this is not a bad thing because for starters there are too many shrines and you cannot see them all, its best to pick a few things you really want to see and anything else is just a bonus and secondly it means that you can take your time a bit more in the places you do choose to visit and it helps you see more and experience more of the place! Kids are actually a bit of a blessing at times because you can sit and have a snack and watch the world go by, which without them there you probably wouldn’t do and I have to admit I love me a bit of people watching!

This second and final part of the Nara | Kyoto trip is the Kyoto part.  I am not a huge fan of crowds and that is one downside of Japan, it is very crowded! So we often plan our trips around when the crowds won’t be there, I can handle bad weather but I cannot handle crowds thats just me! Kyoto is a fascinating place though and it is somewhere I will return to again, I would personally love to see it in the snow. It deserves its magical reputation and I can see why every one that visit Japan needs to make a trip to Kyoto!

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  • Jules

    Another great post Cassie.

    As frustrating as kids can be sometimes, they also help make us slow down and notice things a bit more.

    I have that exact image of the Golden Temple.
    I love the dramatic grey sky behind it that you have captured. Such a contrast to the bright temple.

    Looks like you managed to still see and do a lot even with the kids slowing you down.
    The best thing about not getting to see it all this time, you have an excuse to go back!ReplyCancel