NARA | KYOTO – part 1

Four and a half hours on a train with the kids, really?! Geez you know I wish we could just drive there! – This is a constant Cassie complaint, I love driving but Japan is not a driver friendly country. But that Shinkansen high speed train is something else, on average it is only 0.08 secs late in an entire year, or something crazy like that! It’s comfortable, it has food and it is stress free, unless you are travelling with two wee little kiddies that is! But you know what, every single time I make a trip I complain for the first 20 mins or so and then the adventure begins and I remember that the journey to and from is as much a part of the experience as anything else, the anticipation of going somewhere new, seeing something wonderful and having a little bit of an adventure is addictive and I love it!

Nara and Kyoto are your Japanese stereotype – they are the two places that every single tourist goes to. Everyone wants to see Kyoto you don’t really hear that much about Nara and I think they often just get talked about as a collective one. But both of them are magical!  The feeling of history and tradition all wrapped up in beauty is why they deserve the reputation they have. I always enjoyed history when I was in school, but I was never really obsessed with it, there always seemed too much to read without enough pictures, Nara and Kyoto though are visual places and just walking around you feel as though you are walking through history and its fascinating.

When I sat editing the photographs I realisust how many I had taken. I have decided to post this in parts because of the overload! So for the first instalment here is Nara, I hope you enjoy seeing it through my eyes and I hope even more that it inspires you to add this place to your travel wish list!

As you will see in the slideshow, we saw a lot of rain! Japan actually gets a lot more rain than I ever expected but I am not a fair weather traveller so it didn’t stop us! You will also see a few little Woody feet here and there, Woody from Toy Story that is, as he took the trip with us, he is a very good traveller! We saw some amazing things on this trip, one of which was the swearing in of the priests at the great Tōdaj-ji shrine, with the chanting and the costumes this was mesmerising, an experience that I will never forget. But let’s wait no more, let the pictures show you:

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  • Jules

    Love this post Cassie. I love how you have taken us on the journey with you.
    The little details you captured are great and are like the glue that holds the whole story together.
    Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel