a rare snow day…

“So what do you think” he said, ” will it snow?” “Nah, I doubt it, it just doesn’t seem cold enough”, was my reply.

Well I am pretty sure he now thinks I am one sandwich short of a picnic basket lol! Only an hour after our brief conversation the city was covered in snow! I honestly had not expected it to snow but in true Japanese style it did it beautifully!

febtokyo-237-Edit cm wm

This was her first view of snow and I think she may have been almost as excited as me! I ran around the house like a headless chicken looking out of all the windows!

febtokyo-192-Edit cm wm

A white view.

febtokyo-117-Edit cm wm

I don’t think he remembers snow! He was 2 the last time we saw any!

febtokyo-220-Edit-2 cm wm

And then it was gone! We woke up the following morning and it was a blue sky again and there were only a few little traces left as evidence.

febtokyo-241-Edit cm wm

I was sad to see it go but I don’t like the cold I am a complete wuss lol

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