come on just try it…

“come on just try it!” I said, to which he replied “I don’t like hotdogs”. “I know you don’t but this isn’t a hotdog its a bratwurst”, I pleaded. “Thats a funny name, I am NOT trying that!”. “Well if you don’t try it then there are no sweets for the rest of the day”. All that got me was “ok”.

I see you nodding, I know we all have this kid, the kid that just won’t try something new and you know what that kid also has that parent, the one that insists and insists that you try it until she is blue in the face!

Well let’s look at this from a different perspective: when was the last time you tried something new. I don’t mean with food but in general. Since I love to talk about photography, tell me when was the last time you tried something new, something different? I have heard so many people talk about how the lens baby helps them when they have a creative rut. It pushes them out of their comfort zone and makes them try and see things differently. I don’t own a lens baby myself but I can see how this could be true. I do however have this cool little advanced filter section in the menu of my little camera which is really quite fun to play with. I don’t generally fall for little gimmicky things such as this and I really struggle not to take a picture the way it “really” looks, the little bit of control freak in me starts to fight with my non-conformist side! But I always find that when I do just have a play it is really just good fun and I often like the shots I get because I am enjoying myself and more willing to experiment. My favourite of these filters is a miniature camera setting. I just have a little too much fun with it and I end up taking photographs of stuff that I would never think of photographing normally.

I promise you, go out and play and experiment and try something different, you will love it and have way more fun than you think! Thinking outside the box is FUN and thats all there is to it! So even if you don’t have a lens baby or a playful filter, try free lensing or super wide angle portraits or macro landscapes etc for a day or two and just have fun and experiment!


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