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I caved, I gave in to temptation, I have seen so many others excel and succeed and all I could think was “come on girl, give it a go, you never know!”

I have decided that I need to have a go at a 365 project. Now I am aware that this is no small project, it can really break you down or build you up! I have been warned of the frustration it can cause and the disappointment, but I am not interested in those things and I choose to ignore them at the moment because I am interested in what I can learn, how I can improve, how I can use this to better the way I see my everyday. So I have started it and I have jumped in with both feet!


Now I am almost 2 weeks in (told you I had JUST started haha) and my motivation and determination are still strong but it has also made me realise something. We really do expect an awful lot from ourselves, we want to create a master piece every single day and well that just isn’t going to happen. When I first started photography I had a F100 and a few rolls of film and I was aware that I would be lucky to get one really good shot in a 100 shots! So why do we now expect so much more from ourselves! I think that expectation is one of the reasons that we don’t try new things or experiment more. It’s why we don’t take risks and fear looking foolish. Why can’t we have the crappy snappy home video kinda photos in there, its our memories and our lives in their perfect imperfection. We should embrace all of it!


So this month is the month of gratefulness and I am very grateful for photography, it keeps me sane but it also keeps me thinking and in its own weird way it keeps me appreciating the little things!


novtokyo-537-Edit cm wm

I had a bad photo day today, not much time and not much motivation. My camera seemed to be against me and I couldn’t focus fast enough on my little ones, probably more because we have all been under the weather and my brain just wasn’t fully there! But when I uploaded the pictures this one stood out for me, it is an imperfect perfect for me. It has soul.

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