I missed Autumn…

I have heard it said so many times, the Japanese Autumn is amazing and you know what they are right! There is only one tiny problem – there are far too many people in this place! And all these people want to see the colours at what feels like all at the same time when in reality is it just that there is far too many people all the time!! But that is not why I missed Autumn this year. I missed it because my little son was ill and as I am sure you can understand, he comes first! We did make it to Yoyogi over the weekend and the colours were still lovely even though a little faded. We were there for such a short time but it was still nice and gave me a better idea of what I had missed. So now I know and I will be prepared next year, ready to see the Japanese Autumn in full vibrant brilliant colour!!

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novtokyo-1110-Edit cm wm

novtokyo-1162-Edit cm wm

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