The Pros and Cons of photography…

It’s 5.03am, it’s cold, quiet, she can see through the crack in the curtains, the sun has not yet risen.

 Everyone in the house is asleep, silent and snug. She looks at the clock again, damn it’s early, she knows she should try and get back to her dreams but she also knows that never happens. She loves these early hours, it’s her time, alone. She climbs quietly out of bed and tip toes from the room. Coffee, that’s first. Drink in hand she is ready, one click and the screen light blinks on, this is her daily addiction, a new day begins.

My everyday starts this way, coffee and photography. It’s taken over my life and if you think I’m kidding I have evidence!

My poor kids, both of them could use some trousers that are warm and actually fit! I’m far from a hippy chick but you wouldn’t know if from looking at their current haircuts! They are also a little too happy to eat fish and rice on a daily basis, with a bit of sushi thrown in here and there cause their mother buys too much sushi. They have this habit of telling me that “I’m busy right now” or “I’ll get to it in a sec”, lord knows where they get that from! And that all telling sign, they hear the click of the shutter and they run for the hills!

My poor husband, he loves to travel but he knows to only choose somewhere that I can photograph otherwise I will complain, constantly, seriously I am that mean! I have now acquired so much photography paraphernalia that I have my own office! I make no money from said office but it’s full of me and “me” paraphernalia . The kids have their rooms and my poor husband well he has a draw, or a bit of a draw!

I cannot shop anymore, I am useless at it, my house looks like a failed attempt at simplicity but the thought of spending money that would take away from the photography fund just puts me off! I mean seriously who needs a nice cosy comfy house when you can have a study full of paraphernalia instead!

But you know what, photography is not all that bad, it has one or two pros, I mean it keep my family safe from my obsessive personality, if I didn’t have photography to obsess about then I would have far too much time and energy to obsess on them instead! So ultimately it keeps my family safe from me and it keeps me sane!


Thank you photography you rule!

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  • Catherine R.

    I think I identify quite a bit with this post! It makes me not feel as guilty! 😉ReplyCancel