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So I have had a behance account for a long time now and in the beginning I checked it out and was so enthusiastic and then after a while I discovered that I didn’t actually know what I was doing, my enthusiasm started to dwindle and it got left dormant (this happens to me a lot apparently I am either daft or get bored far too easily!) Anyway fast forward to a few weeks ago and my online world got turned up and down and I found myself a little lost and looking for a project. So I opened up my behance account again and looked around, so this lurked in my head for a few days and then it clicked with me, there is no better platform out there to real create and view projects. I spent hours looking through my recent work looking for patterns and themes, this was something that I had wanted to do for a long time but now I had a reason! So I am finding behance a great help at the moment, it is helping me to sift through my own head and my ideas and try to organise and understand what it is that I want to do. So once again I am in love with Behance!!

So come on over and check out some projects if you are interested!

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