One for the girls…

As a girl when someone bring you a beautiful bouquet of flowers you cannot help but smile, let’s face it you would be hard pushed to find a girl that didn’t like flowers!

Now take that same girl and make her a photographer and well – those flowers are a whole new project just waiting to be snapped at!

I got this gorgeous bunch from my folks the day before they flew home! So what did I do, nothing, you couldn’t have got me out the house even if there was the promise of a sunny day and an isolated beach, I spent the whole day taking and editing pictures of this gorgeous bunch of girlie photography fun!

So here is to all you girls!

A little bit of pretty…

But you thought that I stopped there didn’t you!

No!!!! I ran out that afternoon and bought some more! You can never have too many flowers – repeat after me – ‘I CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY FLOWERS’

Now run out and get some pretty for your own house ok

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