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There is a forum opening soon that I am very excited about called The Photographer Within.

This morning I saw a post on their facebook page


And it got me thinking about the many many many many many photographs I have after over 10 years behind a camera and I thought to myself ‘how can I pick one photo’!!

Well after a full night of this playing on my mind, I woke up this morning and I it turns out that I can!

Here it is – yeah nothing special I know but I am  going to explain a bit more cause I know I am a little weird and my brain goes off on tangents:


beautiful blues cm wm

So as you can see its not a wow photo by any means and technically in many ways it is “wrong” – although I am not to sure there is a ‘wrong’ picture if a picture speaks to you,but that is a whole other discussion. You really don’t want me going off on that tangent I promise!  As I am sure you have noticed, it is not a photograph of one of my kids either, and thats a good thing because firstly, how the heck would I choose between the two kids without feeling mommy guilt haha but mostly because that is not where I started my photography journey. This image was taken with my Nikon D70 and a kit lens while sitting on a wooden Gület (boat) in Southern Turkey, this one photograph brings back the memory of that time and place and I can vividly remember the smells, the time of day, the feeling and the happiness that went with it but not just that, it brings back to me how much I loved living in Turkey, how amazing the people were, how everyday seemed like an adventure and I smiled almost each and every day. It is a very special country that holds a special place in my heart. Now I am sure you are probably thinking that I am some strange sentimental gushy gooey person but I am not, honestly. It is for me just testament of the power of photography and why I love this medium as much as I do.
But there is more, this whole thing really did get me thinking! It started me down a rabbit hole of why I take photographs and what photographs I am drawn to. I don’t believe that a photograph has to be perfect and I don’t believe it has to be beautiful but I do believe it has to have meaning. I love the old saying that there are always two people involved in every photograph, the photographer and the viewer. I take photographs primarily for me and they need to mean something to me. I am pretty sure the photograph above is pretty meaningless to most who view it but as you can see it holds a lot of meaning for me. I look at photography each and everyday, whether it be online, in magazines, in albums etc etc and I can see that I am more drawn to photographs that have meaning and feeling to them. I find myself often thinking about the portrait or family sessions I see and wondering to myself, was it fun, was it an experience? Sure they got a load of beautiful photographs which I am sure they will treasure but I find myself wondering whether they had fun, was the session memorable – in a good way of course, when they see one of the photographs does it make then remember a laugh, a moment, a special something. I believe there is a time and place for posed photography and photography that is just beauty, but the further I go into my own photography I realise that is not these things that I am drawn to when looking at photographs, its the moment, the meaning, the emotion, the memory, that little something special!
Ok enough crazy ramblings from me today!!
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