mount Fuji-san…

I never once in my life imagined that I would be standing and looking at Mount Fuji! I have seen many photographs of it over the years and always believed it to be beautiful and magical and then when I found myself standing looking straight at it I realised I was not even close, it was more than magical and more than beautiful it is spiritual! Nothing has effected me as much for many years and all of a sudden while standing there looking at this magnificent volcano I realised just how lucky and grateful I am for everything in my life!

Mount Fuji-San will always hold a special place in my heart.

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  • I love your images of Mt. Fuji-san! So beautiful. I never got a chance to climb up it but it sure is beautiful from a distance. I was always amazed to hear stories of little old ladies walking up with their high heels or slippers and not sneakers. Beautiful. I love your travel pictures.ReplyCancel