tiny in Tokyo… 3

Im here I am ready to write and all words are escaping me! I don’t know what to say. This city still has me baffled, I need time, I always need time but I need time to sit, look, watch and let sink in all that assaults my senses here. There is too much for one sitting. There are things that I admire like the way people treat each other here and the beauty of Japanese cooking, the attention to details, the fact that japanese women can be commuters in such high heels, the cleanness of pretty much everything, the calm and there is of course things that drive me mad like the crowds, the lack of solitude, the claustrophobia, the small sky, the fact that I cannot get my drivers license converted, the communication gap, the loneliness.

When I started this series I wanted to share the things that made me laugh or made me cry, the unique things, sites, habits, characteristics of Japan and living here but I think first I need to find my feet. Until then you will just have to put up with my insane ramblings and picture over-shares!!!

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