tiny in Tokyo… 2

Are you wondering why I called this series tiny in Tokyo? I wanted a name that reflected the way I felt arriving here from such a smaller, quieter, little house in the sticks.

My kids will be tiny in Tokyo pretty much the whole time we are here, what an amazing place for two little people to start growing up! I feel tiny in Tokyo, I really am this tiny little speck among the millions here! It must be hard to grow up here and feel like it is possible to define yourself or stand out from the crowd, it must often feel like you are just another number, another ant in the colony.

The name tiny in Tokyo though has ended up being a lot more apt than I first expected. I see the tiny everywhere here in this enormous city. Even the trees in the park tower over everyone. The portions of food tend to be tiny and seem like a snack for my oversized wobbly belly! The tiny clothes that I have no hope of ever fitting into. The tiny little dogs that get spoilt, groomed and pushed around in little doggie prams! TINY!

Tokyo really makes me feel tiny in the greater scheme of things and tiny as well to the power of nature, which I feel much more here even though I cannot find a big patch of grass! With all these things though it makes me see just how important my tiny little world is and all those that are a part of it and make it special.

At the end of the day I actually quite like being tiny in Tokyo!

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